Schwinn Collegiate

The Univega hierarchy: 1985

1) Superspecial
2) Superstrada
3) Competizion

High Performance/Triathalon
1) Gran Premio
2) Gran Rally
3) Gran Sprint

Sport and Leisure
1) Ital Sport
2) Viva Sport
3) Nuovo Sport
4) Super Sport
5) Maxima Sport
6) Maxima Uno
7) Safari Ten
7a) Super Star featuring 24x1 1/4 wheels and 48/40 chainrings

Grand Touring
1) Gran Turismo
2) Viva Touring

1) Metroprix
2) Metro Five
3) Tri-Star
4) Compact Three

1) Pacesetter Aero
2) Pathfinder


  1. Hi ... I have been looking all over for information about what I think is an 85 Univega Gran Premio. I just got one, in very good shape, and I love riding it. It was interesting to see where it fell in the lineup you listed above. I was wondering if you have any other information from that year's Univega Catalog? If so, will you please let me know? I recently ordered a copy of Bicycle Sports from 1984, which reviews that year's Gran Premio, as well, and would be happy to scan and share the review with you.


    1. Phil,
      I actually got this information from someone who posted it in bike forums (a very helpful website!). There are very few catalog scans of Univegas floating around. There is one readily available, but it is all mountain bikes. There is another from 1987 that I found, but it had very little about their road bike lineup. Other than that, people are very territorial about their catalogs and resist scanning them. Did you determine the year based on the serial number? If not, I can help you with that. If you wouldn't mind sharing the information you scan, I'd love to read it.

      A couple things I do know about 1985 is that it is one of the last years that Univega's bikes were made in Japan and that it was the height of touring bikes. After that, the bottom fell out on the touring bike market (thought by this point they were really excellent touring bikes). I realize this part isn't hugely relevant, as the Gran Premio isn't a touring bike.

      Anyways, I'd love to share info!

    2. Hello, I have a Univega Nuovo Sport, ser no. 0A39851, made in Japan, 80s model (I bought it new in 1987 but it had been sitting in the shop for a while)

      It is my original nice bike which was stolen in 2000 and I just recovered it via craigslist.

      Bottom bracket is toast, just looking for info on it so I can begin to decide what to do about the bike. Keep it stock, or upgrade to Shimano 105? Any comments helpful and appreciated.

    3. Is your Nuovo Sport made in Japan? That is right around the time when they moved production to Taiwan. It is really great that you got your bike back! Congrats!

      This model isn't highly collectible, and is probably a real decent frame, so I'd say don't bother keeping it original. Upgrade any and all the parts that you want and really just enjoy it! :)

    4. Thanks for your comments, I tend to agree. Have done some searching around, in craigslist many Univegas going for around $175-195 some more if they are top dogs like what you list above. The frame on mine is Japan made. I've facelifted it with a threadless headset and an awesome handlebar, ergonomic to the max, new tape and brake levers. Still deciding on a new derailleur or oomplete drivetrain. The frame rides so smooth and the bike is SO fun! Thanks for this site.

    5. Phil,
      I have a fascination with the high-end Univega road bikes from 1985. I have collected several 1985's (in varying states of disrepair, including two Gran Premio's) and have a few photo sets of other 1985's. There is a Univega catalog that appears to be from 1984 at:

      The Italian-built Superstrada and Superlight models shown come from that rare period when Univega was having frames, designed by Sinior Torresini, hand crafted at his Torpado workshop in Padua, Italy while other models were being designed by Ben Lawee and manufactured by Miyata in Japan. Great stuff all around that year!

  2. So glad I found this list! My local used bike-shop is selling a fixed up Univega Metroprix mixte for $325. It's here (second from the top on the right hand column). Does that seem over-priced to you? I checked it out and it's actually pretty comfortable for a mixte, but I haven't checked it for toe overlap and responsiveness. I don't know the year, but am hoping it is pre-1985.

    1. Sorry, the photograph is on the second page of the gallery, second from the top in the right column.

  3. Just picked up a Univega Metroprix mens. 59cm frame. Stainless steel fenders (non-magnetic). A date code on the rear Shimino derailleur indicates Dec. '84 (IL)so I figure it's a '85 model. Would love to see an '85 catalog but as noted very few catalogs are out there for public view. S/N is: M5-D7948. The frame is CrMo with high tensile steel fork and stays. Bike is made in Tiawan. Ken in SC

    1. Thanks for the info! I find your bike interesting. I think this must be the year they moved from Japan to Taiwan. It may even be later than 85 with just an older derailleur on it. I keep my eyes pealed every day on ebay, and not a single catalog yet :(

  4. I have an early 80s SuperStrada, full Aero Dura Ace, Ambrosio wheels w/sewups. Pretty much all original and in exceptional condition. Needs just a basic cleaning/adjustmens, probably new tyres. What would the approximate fair value be on this bike. Thanks!

    1. That's an excellent question. I definitely come across these more rarely than other models. It is hard to give you a great estimate without pictures, location, and size of the bike. It is definitely a great bike that you have your hands on though. The parts alone are worth a fortune.

  5. Hello everyone. I'm definitely a bicycle newbie. I'm completely new to the bike world. I just purchased a Univega Maxima Sport, Lawee Design. Really nice vintage bike. Paid $350 for it, which included a tune up, new tires, brakes, etc. I'm curious about 2 things. 1. What year was the bike manufactured? 2. Was my Univega manufactured in Japan or Italy? (If nobody knows, is there a place where I can find this information?) Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josh.

  6. To find the year, you want to look at the serial number on the bottom of the bottom bracket. The first letter indicates the year. There is probably a sticker on the bike that says where it was manufactured (and it was probably Japan). If you can tell me the serial number that will make it pretty easy to tell you, or you can show pictures as there are other indicators as well.

  7. i just found a pretty nice Univega Metroprix for $40, barely used!

    so, i am no expert in vintage bikes. however, my roommate's boyfriend spotted her a bike at a yard sale for $40. brought it back, she didn't like it. maybe cause it was maroon. anyway, she knew i was in the market so she let me try it out. i just took it up to the shop for a tune up (or whatever they're doing, they said they can only do so much to tune up that old a bike!!! is that BS?) and put my new bell, brake pads, lights, the works. anyway, i just found your site and am now realizing it was a high end bike for its time?? i don't know the year but i would assume 80-85. i'll check the serial number once it's done being fixed up. i'm excited that i found something kind of cool for so little! i may not reveal right away how special this bike is... they only charged me $40!!!

    1. I tried looking up your bike in an old catalog, but it is hard without more info (serial number, pictures, etc.). While the Metroprix is the top of the line of their Leisure category, it isn't necessarily a high end bike. That being said, $40 is still probably a great deal, and the bike seems versatile and fun. The 85 model came with a rear rack and fenders which is really cool. The catalog didn't give a lot of details on the frame, but it might not be butted, but that doesn't mean it still isn't a great ride. I think you should take great pride and enjoy the great vintage look of it. There is certainly only so much that a shop can do during a tune-up, but I don't see why you shouldn't get many years of fun out of this bike!

  8. thanks! i can't seem to find it either. i get what you'er saying. well, i'm still excited about it! it does have a rear rack and fenders! i'm not sure what "butted" means but let me know what you think (picture below). yes, the shop said they couldn't do much of anything (the brakes were hard to depress, the back pad wasn't stopping the bike at ALL,etc). after the third stop, they figured it out and it rides good as new! :)

    on the other hand, i was looking at some other bikes the shop had. i fell in love with this gorgeous navy blue bianchi with beige handles/saddle. any thoughts on that brand? this would be for when i'm rich/need a new bike (i hope the univega lasts me a long long time).

    i posted this dorky photo just for this! any name ideas??

  9. Hey. Saw your post and looking for decals for a '83 Pacesetter-aero. Anybody know how to find them? Have looked everywhere!

    Thank you,

  10. Hey Univegan,

    Do you know the bottom bracket/spindle size for an 1985 maxima uno ?

  11. Hi! I recently bought a bike that MAY have the remnants of an old univega head tube sticker on it. It's an old chromed MTB, probably from the 80s, but I can't seem to find any information about chrome, rigid, univega MTBs from the 80s. The serial number is M5-C1232. The bike looks identical to a mongoose ATB from 1985, but it's missing any form of identification other than what seems to be the remnants of a univega head tube sticker. Anyway, here's a link to the pictures if I'm allowed to post links...

    1. Sorry, I got cut off, I'd love to hear whether you think it's an old univega or not, and any info you have on those old bikes would be great!

  12. Great info on the old Univegas. I have an original 85 Italsport i bought in 86. Ridden 1000s of miles on it, crashed a few times and other than a bent wheel and a few scratches, the bike is unscathed. Love the Campy Victory components and get lots of compliments on it. Steel is real!

  13. Hi!
    I have a Univega NuovoTech 450 I'm trying to date, serial number is M8E27211. Can you help?!?